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“God provides the wind, Man must raise the sail.”
Augustine of Hippo

Through Meister Eckhart: A short handbook on becoming God’s somethingness

Yuxuan Ma

St. John's College, 2020

This essay consists of a treatise in three parts, on how our ordinary selves transcend to greater realms of relation with God. The topic is explored through the unorthodox view of Christianity of Meister Eckhart, the German theologian, philosopher, and mystic.

On Hebrews 5:11-13

Francisco Contreras Moran

St. John's College, 2018

The Letter to the Hebrews famously contains some of the New Testament's most complex theology. This short paper analyses three verses of chapter five to show that the complexity of the theology is perhaps deliberate and likely to form a part of a cohesive theory of spiritual development through scripture.

The Man of Faith

Xin Ye

St. John's College, 2020

Senior Essay Prize

All the great works in this world touch us in an ineffable yet powerful way. What is behind the wonder of nature, the grandeur of music, and the beauty of literature? For Kierkegaard, it is passion. The highest passion is faith. A grain of it moves mountains. A taste of it shakes existence. This essay is not supposed to teach logic, truth, or any sort of science. Instead, it is here to open our heart, to face the eternal question of humanity and to explore the great passion by invoking the passion in us!

In Cool of Evening or Heat of Day

Joseph Richard

St. John's College, 2019

This essay is an analysis of the character of Abraham and Sarah's faith leading up to the Hospitality in Genesis 18.

What can Thomas know?

Liam Marshall-Butler

St. John's College, 2019

An exploration and comparison of the natural light of reason and the divine light of revelation as understood through Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica.

Adam and Eve and the Goats: Genesis as a History of the Animal

Neal Bhattacharya

St. John's College, 2017

Sophomore Essay Prize

In my sophomore essay, I tried to shed light on the animal-history hidden in Genesis, looking at, among other things, dominion, naming, sacrifice, and intersubjectivity across species. Though I’ve only effected a series of incomplete sketches, I hope they at least instill the sense that the human creation myth is flat and lifeless if severed from the animal one.

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