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Editors' Picks

Some of our favorite essays from the catalogue.

A Contemplation of Donna Elvira's Emotional State in Don Giovanni

Morgan Ballard-Wheeler

A careful and thoughtful analysis of Donna Elvira's character, with a keen eye for subtleties in the music.

The Man of Faith

Xin Ye

Mr. Ye’s essay describes faith in a way that seems both mad and marvelous. It challenges one to understand and embrace faith as “divine madness.”

On Memory and the Self in Hamlet

Ellie Gold Laabs

Beautifully written and tightly crafted, Laabs probes the symbolism of the skull in Hamlet to illustrate the struggle between memory and the self.

The Cumulative Action of Creation

Annie Brong

This essay is a great help in resolving common misjudgments of which Darwin is too often subject. Few are capable of treating Darwin this honestly.

A Gesture Towards a New Plato

Weiouqing Chen

Unconventional yet textually rooted, Chen's approach to the dialogues questions the textbook descriptions of Plato's metaphysics and suggests new avenues of inquiry.

Thucydides, Societal Efficacy, and the Nature of Examination in Wartime

Jackson Coerr

A piercing examination of the lessons of history, as well as a thoughtful meditation on how Thucydides conveys these lessons.

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