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A multimedia marketplace of ideas. The Agora is a place for creativity and community, where ideas are explored with others in a less structured and academic form than in the catalogue. Browse through the various projects below to learn more. If you have any ideas for a blog, podcast, or anything else, pitch us your ideas here

Editors' Picks

Our favorite essays submitted to the site.


Earnest conversations with thinkers and writers

Loving your Child's Mind

Socratic educator Michael Strong, author of The Habit of Thought, models how to engage your child in a conversation about ideas so that they develop curiosity and the habit of thought.

The Reeds Podcast

Informal conversations of important and often lesser-known texts in the history of thought.

Higher Gossip

A documentary series interviewing the personalities of St. John's College that have helped shape the program as it is today.

Ink Tank

Grace Phan Jones, will be sharing thoughts on her life as a scholar, writer, and senior at St. John's College in this bi-weekly column. Equal parts artistic and reflective, she brings these characteristics to her uniquely introspective and elegant writing.

Two Socratic Educators

For those who want deeper insights into how serious Socratic educators think, join Michael Strong and Francisco Contreras as they discuss the principles behind Michael's "Loving your Child's Mind" series.

The Reeds Blog

Short articles by the founding members of The Reeds on whatever they are currently reading or thinking about.

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