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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled"

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Our Mission

The Reeds embodies the conviction that the world’s greatest thinkers have something to tell us. From Aristotle to Virginia Woolf, these minds address life’s enduring questions, and we believe it takes careful, honest work on our part to detect their insights and tease them out.  In this 'age of work' full of indecent and distracted haste, we believe in slow readers and patient friends of the written word. Our project is not academic, but intellectually serious; it is not official, but organic. The Reeds is a gathering of amateurs in the deepest sense of the word: lovers of letters, lovers of wisdom, and lovers of humankind. 


You can find our various projects through the Agora. Ideas are explored there in various forms, including podcasts, interviews, essaysshort articles, and more. The Agora is open to all, so that anyone with ideas to share is welcome to participate, whether that's by submitting an essay, starting a column, or joining us for a podcast discussion. We encourage you to contact us about your ideas here.